About me

photo My name is Philippe Virouleau, I graduated from Ensimag in 2012, and I’m currently a PhD student at Inria, under the supervision of François Broquedis, Thierry Gautier, et Fabrice Rastello.

I’m kindly hosted by the Inria team CORSE (Compiler Optimization and Runtime SystEms) in Grenoble.

I’ve recently started my PhD after working for two years with Thierry and François on an OpenMP source to source compiler project named Kstar. My research focuses on compilers and runtimes, and particularly on how they can interact to get the most performances out of recent NUMA architectures.

I’m also using and developing extensions for the OpenMP API, which we use to target the runtime developed in the AVALON team, xKaapi.

Given what my main hobby is (see below), you will find on this website mostly cubing or computer science related stuff, as well as some random stuff (sometimes only available in French…).


The best way to contact me is by mail : philippe (dot) virouleau (at) imag (dot) fr.


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Speedcubing is the activity of solving twisty puzzles (such as the Rubik’s cube, known as the “3x3”) as fast as possible. I started cubing in 2008, and it has been my main hobby ever since!

Luckily, my best official solve during a competition has been recorded, you can check it out here!


As of today, I attended more than 90 competitions in 16 countries, broke 19 national records, and earned the following 9 national titles in various events:

  • 2016 : 3x3 Fewest Moves
  • 2015 : 2x2
  • 2014 : 2x2, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, Clock
  • 2010 : 2x2
  • 2009 : 5x5

You can see my full profile here.

World Cube Association

The World Cube Association (WCA) governs competitions for twisty puzzles. Every competition must have a “main judge”, called the “Delegate”, who makes sure the WCA Regulations are followed at all time during the competition.

I became a WCA Delegate back in 2010, and since then my cubing interest has more and more leant towards the organization of competitions and developing Speedcubing in France and in foreign countries.

Since January 2016, I am also a member of the WCA Regulations Committee (WRC), in charge of managing the WCA Regulations applied in official competitions. I’m also a member of the WCA software team since 2016.

Association Française de Speedcubing (AFS)

The AFS is the French organization for Speedcubing, its aim is to develop Speedcubing in France and help organizers to host competition, by providing funding and/or a legal structure to get venues.

I’m its president since 2014.


I started travelling a lot when I started to do international Rubik’s cube competitions, such as European and World championships.

I enjoy it a lot, and I always try to discover a country/a city through the eyes of locals (they know the good places for food!), that’s why I usually prefer to stay with someone living there instead of booking a hostel (i.e. couchsurf). I still have a lot to discover, especially in Asia, where I only visited a couple of countries.

Less time-consuming stuff

I play(ed) table soccer a lot, especially for the Grenoble team, with whom I went to the national championship several times.

I also like skying, and “playing” chess.